The characters are originally designed by hand drawing on paper with watercolour and ink, and the final illustrations are also completed by hand on a drawing tablet. After the timeless and handcrafted design process, we sources the best materials and select suppliers with great care to ensure ethical branding and flawless production results.

We produce in lower quantity and higher quality with sustainable materials.

New Collection : BLUE BIRD

There are three blue birds. They have the most beautiful blue feather, redhead, and black eyes. They are servants of the Queen Mother OF The West. Two of them accompany the goddess all the time, and the third one is the messenger who represents the goddess.

This is the third blue bird, you can see magpies(symbolize joy and good luck) are flying around the blue bird. So, that means the blue bird is bringing good news from the goddess.

THE FISH collection

In the North, the Tower River emanates from Bright-Tower Mountain and flows west into the Yellow River. Many He Luo fish dwell there. The He Luo fish has one head and ten bodies and yells like a dog. Eating it will cure tumours.

In the West, there is a mountain called Mount Yingdi. Its heights is full of lacquer trees, and its foot is imbued with metal and jade. All the animals here are white. The Yuan River emanates from here and flows northward into Hill-Goat Lake. There are many Ran Yi fish in the river. It has a fish body with a snake’s head, six feet, and eyes like a horse’s ears. Eating it can prevent nightmare. There is a fish called Ran Yi, it has a fish body,a sneak head and six feet, its eyes are like horse’s eyes. It protects people’s dream from nightmares.

——The Classic of Mountains and Seas

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