GuanAnAn London is a luxury lifestyle and accessories brand established in London at the end of 2018.

Graduating from Glasgow School of Art as an international student, our Design Director Ju Guan is destined for a life of creativity and intercultural engagement. She has a passion for sharing stories through her drawings and connecting with people on an emotional level through her art and design works. With a strong belief in the power of storytelling, Ju Guan draws on her inspirations from ancient oriental mythologies to create contemporary illustrations. The design process is handcrafted and timeless. Every character is originally designed by hand drawing on paper. When the characters are completed, she uses a drawing tablet to create the final illustration on computer.

To produce premium quality products, GuanAnAn sources the best materials and choose the right ones available. Her suppliers and business partners are thoughtfully selected from across the world to ensure flawless results. The quest for “quality” products mentioned above is not only about the manufacturing process but also about the quality of life that our products can bring to the customers. For example, we print on our special man-made suede to make soft furnishings for a homeowner who has a lot of velvet touching plants. The fabric touches just like the plants and the whole interior is a perfect match.

With a motivation to have the prints bring joy into people’s daily life, GuanAnAn presents a wide range of products, which currently include silk scarves, silk kimonos, silk nightgowns, cushions, wash bags, lampshades, and wallpapers. There are more categories currently in the development process, for example, ceramics; sofa and chairs; and other home décor.

As a small business and a young brand that has just started up, we are highly committed to excellent service experience and quality products for our customers. It also means that we have more flexibility to work creatively with our customers. We also welcome bespoke orders. Please feel free to contact us for a chat about potential work, partnerships, any questions you may have or just to say hello.

We have a VISION of creating uniqueness for everyday life
We provide premium quality products
We present an exclusive lifestyle
We promote intercultural communication
Creativity for exclusivity and uniqueness
Premium quality
Respect differences
Integrity in actions
Customer centric