Stories behind THE FISH collection

Characters and Stories

The characters are picked from The Classic of the Mountains and Seas. it is a classic as the key source of ancient Chinese mythology, occupying an analogous position in Chinese culture to Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Greek mythology. It’s like a dictionary of ancient Chinese mythical creatures and landscapes. 

Rather than characters of a story, the characters in the classic are described as real existed creatures over 4500 years ago.

He Luo
Ran Yi

He Luo fish:

In the North, the Tower River emanates from Bright-Tower Mountain and flows west into the Yellow River. Many He Luo fish dwell there. The He Luo fish has one head and ten bodies and yells like a dog. Eating it will cure tumours.

Ran Yi fish:

In the West, there is a mountain called Mount Yingdi. Its heights is full of lacquer trees, and its foot is imbued with metal and jade. All the animals here are white. The Yuan River emanates from here and flows northward into Hill-Goat Lake. There are many Ran Yi fish in the river. It has a fish body with a snake’s head, six feet, and eyes like a horse’s ears. Eating it can prevent nightmare.

The Products

The design process is handcrafted and timeless beginning with hand drawing on paper. And the final digital illustrations are hand-drawn with drawing tablet on a computer after the characters are completed.


For the production, we source the best materials and only work with manufacturers who we can trust with environmental and social responsibilities. Every product is manufactured on a small scale in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The 45×45 cm cushions are made in the UK with 100% British cotton-velvet, double-sided with gold fringe. The 80% feather + 20% fibre inner can provide a good weight of the cushion and better support for your body.

The wallpapers are manufactured in the UK with eco-friendly materials to the European Standard BS EN233.

Our handmade-to-order silk Kimonos are made from 100% silk twill printed in Italy.

The silk scarves are made in Italy. Square scarves are 90×90 cm with hand-rolled hem. And the double-sided Twillys are 6.5×120 cm. The material is 14mm silk twill.